Welcome to Office Road Real Estate

Office Road Real Estate was started by Andy Williams, an experienced salesperson and Investor who alongside some great support felt that Real Estate "could and should be done better"

Our boutique company specializes solely in Christchurch residential sales, land acquisition and Developments.

This means we can support all buyers and existing home owners as they progress through their own property journey. We are passionate about helping investors climb the investment ladder and creating wealth through property. We also work alongside Developers from the early stages of land acquisition through to strategic marketing and selling down of their developments.

We are big believers in Technology and in a fast-paced and agile environment we wanted to create an agency that was not only "keeping up with the times" but were at the forefront of CHANGE. 

We love utilizing bespoke processes and marketing and believe what we offer is simply slicker than any other agency.

We're a small team of Interconnected professionals which means when you work with one, you are supported by all, leaving you feeling valued and not like youve been lost in a corporate machine.

If you want to explore having that competitive edge over the rest of the market then come see Office Road Real Estate today!